On June 28th, CBME China 2023 was held at Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an industry trendsetter, CBME China has a high influence in China. It is reported that there are more than 4,500b rands from 30+ countries and regions participating in this exhibition. As an expert brand in the field of innovative and healthy dairy products in Australia, MOROKA was also invited to participate in CBME 2023.

MOROKA is a sub-brand of JAT Group Australia and is also a premium lactoferrin product that JAT focuses its strength on. With the scientific upgrading of parenting concepts, the demand for nutrition and health of infants and children has become more diversified and personalized, more and more families are seeking better nutrition for their children, and lactoferrin products are getting more and more attention.

MOROKA has the advantage of golden milk source in Australia, and it has been working hard on product development and formula innovation from the actual needs of nutrition and health of infants and children. At present, MOROKA covers a wide range of lactoferrin products including basic nutrition, immune regulation, and intestinal health, and is committed to providing targeted and high-quality nutritional solutions for infants’ and children’s growth.

This time, MOROKA presented 4 products at CBME. The products focus on the daily nutrition and health needs of infants and children and were recognized by many buyers for their professional brand and product strength. In the future, MOROKA will continue to cultivate the field of healthy dairy products for infants and young children, to achieve what parents want and satisfy the needs of babies as the starting point, to continue to make efforts in product development and production quality, and to create a scientific, comprehensive and advanced nutritional supplement system for infants and young children and even for the whole family.